Have you ever wondered how fascinating electric is and how it works?

Despite its ubiquitous use, most people have little understanding of electricity's physical properties. Although electricity is the most versatile energy source on the planet, we have only relied on it for about 100 years.

In general, electricity is a type of energy that builds up in one place or flows between places. Electrical charge gathered at one place is referred to as static electricity. The flow of electricity from one location to another is known as electric current.

We have scoured the internet and combined with our own knowledge from members of the DJL team we have compiled these 8 fun facts about electricity for you!

Electricity travels at the speed of light, more than 186,000 miles per second!

Lightning is a discharge of electricity in the atmosphere.

Electric Cars Date Back As Far As 1932.

Electricity Was Discovered In 600 BC.

Muscle cells in the human heart are contracted by electricity that runs through your body.

Coal is the world’s biggest source of energy for producing electricity. Coal is burned in furnaces that boil water. The steam from the boiling water then spins turbines that are attached to generators.

Electric Eels Can Produce A 500 Volt Shock.

54% Of Electricity Is Wasted.

So there you have it. How many did you know about?

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